Model: 44A M/T


Supply voltage 240vac 3va 50hz
Static relay 22a 230/400vac 50Hz (as in the graph 1).
Two triac 40A 800V i2t 10mS 880°.
Two internal fans 5V dc 0,15Amp.
Programmable percentage: 20 steps of 5% each.
Programmable cycle time : 0, 4-1-2-10-20 Sec.
Percentage limit : 50-80-90-100%
Two methods: synchronized single phase and three-phase
Saving settings to E2PROM.
External contact to enable the consent or the thermostat.
Dimensions : 159 x 600 x 90mm (6 modules), DIN rail
Graph 1 – Thermal curve Ambient Current

Controllo Potenza Lampada Infrarossi


Regulator with two programmable control systems, control for two synchronized single-phase zero crossing loads or single three-phase load with double-single phase method.
Two incorporeted static relays 22A at 45° suitable for controlling single-phase and three-phase loads from 240 and 400Vac.
Particularly suitable to control infrared lamps with medium waves with initial strong current absorption.


Easy connection, the Digicontrol 44A M/T sets the output power in percent with 20 steps by simply pressing the buttons «UP » and « DOWN ». Particularly suitable for fast medium wave heaters.
It ensures greater longevity of the infrared lamp thanks to the soft start.


Percentage output programming:
To set the percentage it is sufficient to operate the « UP » and « DOWN » buttons. 20 levels from 0 to 100% can be set with 5% step.
The shown example is 55%.

Single-phase and three-phase methods
By holding down both buttons (for 3 Sec.) two lines will appear at any time; by pressing the « UP » button three lines will appear; combinations can be alternated with the same button. Two lines, single-phase and three-phase systems. To confirm and move to the next programming, press the “DOWN” button.

Cycle time
By holding down both buttons (for 3 sec.) the letter A will appear ; with the “UP” button, it will be possible to rotate and choose the letters shown alongside. Each letter corresponds to a value in seconds. To move to the next programming, press the “DOWN” button.

Output limit
The letter C will appear on the display. With the «UP» button it will be possibile to rotate “C” – 9 – 8- 5. Each value equals a changeable maximum percentage in the work function. To confirm and exit the settings, press the « DOWN » button.


The limitation percentages from 90% to 80% are used to guarantee the duration of the lamps used in certain applications, particularly in those application cases where the line voltage can remain above the nominal value of the load for longer. The limit setting to 50% is used in those applications where the value of 50% is sufficient to guarantee the application result and it allows the power line to have just as much energy.